CENTRAL BOOKING always welcomes viewing the work of artists. However, new artists for the Artist’s Book Gallery are only added if the work differs significantly from artists already represented.

Work of all media on the topics of art and science will be reviewed on an ongoing basis for exhibitions in HaberSpace. Themes presently open for submissions are on  Evolution, Memory/the Mind, Psychology, Paleontology, Archeology, Architecture/Engineering. Please note, these are art and science exhibitions, your work should engage with that relationship.

To submit, please send specific weblinks or jpegs of the actual work you wish to exhibit (not just a link to your website), with the name of the scientific theme the work is for or ABG in the subject line of the email (if for more than one theme, then send separate emails for each) . Make sure title, size and medium are included for each work submitted and work is available for sale.