Barbara Houghton

Dancing with Galileo, version 3, 2009
book, 10 x 8 inches, $35


This work is about a love affair with my idea of Galileo. This heroic figure led me on a journey to find out who he was as a man. I went to places he lived and tried to find where he stood and what he saw. I read about him and some of his writings. The more I found out, the less I seemed to know. In the end, I still loved him but now as a human with flaws. I wanted to dance with him, but he left me dancing

Dancing with Galileo was first a book that turned into an installation of the book.


Barbara Houghton has taught photography at the university level since 1974. She is presently a professor of Art at Northern Kentucky University just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. Before NKU, she taught photography for 18 years at Metropolitan State College of Denver, where in the mid 1980s, she led the department’s move into using computers to make art. She began making books in graduate school when she studied with Keith Smith and Gary Frost at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. These days she mostly makes books published by, however, she still will hand bind proof books printed on her large inkjet printer. Most of her work is digital photography and often done with installation in site-specific

Barbara travels and photographs extensively. She has exhibited work regionally, nationally and internationally for the past 38 years. Her work is in many collections nationally.

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