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Antibodies/Antikörper, 2009
24 collages and a silkscreen print and 24 cut up texts in German and English. This customized edition of the originally printed edition adds a razorblade, gauze, band aid, rubberstamp, handwriting and false translations, 8.5 x 8.5 x .3 inches in a transparent zip lock bag, Number 15 from an edition of 18. $90
antibodies-antikorper-cover-normal-edition1 antibodies-antikorper-normal-edition1

Mantis meets Fleischlego, 2007
Xeroxed copy art/Collage magazine with 16 pages, green cardboard cover and 3 green sheets of paper, saddle-stitched with staples. Collages made of drawings of injured body parts from an German First-Aid-book from the 1930’s and altered pictures from a US catalog of gardening supplies from the 1990’s are combined into a surreal scenery, 5.8 x 8.5 inches, Number 5 from an edition of 30. $40.


Antibodies is a collaborative book project by word- and soundartist dirk huelsTrunk from Frankfurt am Main/Germany and the interdisciplinary artist and musician Brandstifter (Firestarter) from Mainz who currently resides in New York.

It’s a modern guidebook to enhance our understanding of mental and physcial health. It also serves to establish a well-balanced relationship between truth and folly, therefore it was necessary to disconnect bodyparts, to misunderstand first-aid manuals and to distort medical facts. Exact applications of absurdities and nonsense will strengthen the vital immune power and will keep inherent necessities and performance constraints at bay.

Brandstifter found the drawings he used as a source for his absurd collaging in an old and yellowed German first aid book from the nineteen-thirties. he played with them like toys and published the grotesque results with red cross rubber stamp and bondage under the name “Fleshlego.”

The antibodies cut-up-text, by Dirk HuelsTrunk is based on medicine- and nursing books. With the help of modern surgery it was possible to twist the cold-technical-abstract-bureaucratic language of medicine and nursing and give it a poetic-surreal feeling. new meaning and humane recovery procedures can be gained.

This book can change your attitude towards your bodyparts and relations. it can also influence longterm ideologies and belief-systems as well as your personal performance ability.


Brandstifter (Firestarter) is an interdisciplinary Artist and Networker from Mainz, Germany and is currently Balmoral Artist in Residence at Flux Factory, New York. Through Happening and Visual and Perfomance Art, as well as sound and music, he uses communicative means of social interaction to transform anarchic concepts from everyday life into burning-down-the-house Intermedia. His bookart work is focused on handmade collaging, rubberstamping and copyart.

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