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DUMBO Luxury Modern Landscapes, 2011
Commercially printed book, hand trimmed, signed, with a signed, hand-tipped pigment print insert. Forty pages (20 images), 6.875 x 7.875 inches, edition of 15. $35


DUMBO Luxury Modern Landscapes is a souvenir book of one of the most expensive and rapidly changing neighborhoods in Brooklyn — DUMBO. It includes views of some of the oldest and newest landmarks in the area, each carefully composed so as to exclude persistent beggers, random artists and tourists, and to present to the visitor the DUMBO as it appears in the minds of its wealthiest residents. This signed edition is limited to 15 copies and includes an additional signed pigment print from the series.


BURST387 was born in 2002 and since then has been making digital images that aim to capture the flavor of Brooklyn and New York at the lowest possible price. Previous work has included the artist’s book “Green Things in Greenpoint,” 2002; “16 Feminine Products found on the Beach in Staten Island”, 2003; “Free Money in New York”, 2004-5, a year long performance and photographic project; BWAY WORD SLAW, 2006; BWAY WORD SLAW, 2008; X-BERG WORD SLAW, 2009; WALL WORD PATH 2010; and soon DMBO WORD SLAW, 2011.

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