Helen Friel

The Imp of the Perverse, 2009
Paperback book, 14 pages (Monadnock Dulcet 118gsm), Perforated cover (Artoz Card) and Inner pages. Each page is perforated in a grid system with sections of the text missing. Readers must follow instructions to tear and fold specific sections to reveal the missing text. 7.25 x 6.25 inches, number 9 from an edition of 100. $230

The Demise of the Adorable, 2009
Paperback book, 6 pages in Fabriano Bio Prima 85gsm/Cover Fabriano Ingres 90gsm. Each page cut through with a silhouette of an animal skull and printed outline of animal. A caption underneath describes the animal’s death. 4.25 x 3.25 inches. $18


Working with paper as her primary medium, Helen produces paper illustrations and pop ups that are both tactile and engaging. Helen both hand cuts and uses technology to produce her pieces, she also combines her paper work with her line illustrations. Bridging the gap between two and three dimensions is central to her design practice as well as producing pieces that involve and evoke emotion in the audience.


Helen Friel is a freelance Paper Engineer and Illustrator, living and working in London. In 2009, Helen graduated from Central Saint Martin’s with a First in BA Graphic Design.

During her rapidly developing career, Helen has produced work for commercial clients including Tatler Magazine, Saddle Creek Records and Men’s Health Magazine. Her work has been featured in Grafik, Design*Sponge Online and in the 2009 book Papercraft.

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