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Bird Wars: Friss Vogel, oder strib! (Eat Bird, or Die!), 2009
Photopolymer etchings with monotype, 22 x 17.5″ $800

Bird Wars: Highway Gamblers, 2009
Photopolymer etchings with monotype, 22 x 17.5″ $800

Bird Wars: Keeping Bad Company, 2009
Photopolymer etchings with monotype, 22 x 17.5″ $800

Bird Wars: Odds on Favorite, 2009
Photopolymer etchings with monotype, 22 x 17.5″ $800


Lumsden’s work has in recent years moved from a pars pro toto pictorial strategy to the panoramic, opening up an area of tension between civilization and nature, ritual and reality. She makes no clear distinction between figuration and abstraction, traversing the territory between materiality and the evocation of illusion, between surface matter and the imaginary dimension with an apparent ease. The paintings evince the processes through which they were made showing an artist who is sensitive to the character and properties of her chosen medium. She works sequentially and serially with motifs that can recur over a number of paintings, motifs that are embedded in and emerge out of the fabric of the paint surface, drawing on autobiographical imagery and imagery from the collective, from art historical reference and impressions from daily life. This imagery is replayed through the paint in a way that touches and connects.Lumsden refers to the process of painting as being a “speculative business” and believes that “a painting only really lives by lucky chance”. Like a gambler you come to the table with your set of “chips” she explains “– your ideas and concepts. The game involves risk-taking and the active provocation of chance; images are eventually brokered through the painting process and the substance of paint, with all its unpredictable characteristics.”


Rachel Lumsden was born in 1968 and is a British artist who works between London and St. Galen, Switzerland. She graduated from the department of painting at the Royal Academy in London in 1991. Since then she has been showing nationally and internationally in Europe and the U.S. She has had nine solo shows since 1999 including the exhibition entitled Bird Wars in Switzerland in 2008. She is currently a visiting lecturer for painting at the University of Luzern.

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