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Smoke, 2013
Jig saw woodcut with poem by the artist. 11 x 15 inches, edition of 10, $950.

Storms, 2011
Jig saw woodcut artist’s book with poem by artist, 11 inches x 15 inches, edition of 10, $950.

For Now, 2008
Poem by Sarah Plimpton, loose folios gathered in paper wrapper in clam shell box made by Claudia Cohen, illustrated with aquatints; letterpress on Fabriano Tiepolo paper, 11 x 8.75 x 1 inches, edition of 15. $750.

Over and Over, 2002
Written and illustrated by Sarah Plimpton, loose folios gathered in paper wrapper in clam shell box by Claudia Cohen., letterpress on Arches paper. $750.


The creation of artists books link my poems and my art. The books alternate between woodcuts and aquatints, pochoir and silkscreen. I do not consciously try to illustrate the poems. I work seperately and then put the two together, matching at the last minute the illustrated page to the print; an abstract image with words. Shapes pushing against each other create a sense of compression or intrusion. The balance of these shapes with words is what interests me, the play of geometrical shapes against the poems which deal with light, vision, color and painting or art itself.


Sarah Plimpton was born in New York City and divides her time between New York and France. She attended Smith College, Harvard Medical School and Pratt Institute in Manhattan. She works in several media; oil painting, printmaking and artists’ books and is also a poet. Two Galleries show her work on a regular basis – June Kelly in New York and Ute Barth in Zurich. Her poems have been published in the Denver Quarterly, the New York Review of Books and The Paris Review. Her artists books are in such public collections as The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, The New York Public Library, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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