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High Strung, 2012
acrylic, cardboard, found objects, 13 x 10 x .25 inches. $1600

Yes/Oui, 2008
acrylic, cardboard, found objects, 13 x 10 x .25 inches. $1600
yes_oui (inside)_sbrodyledermanYes_oui (front)_sbrodylederman

(Fallen) Extras, 2004
acrylic, graphite, board (corrugated), canvas, found objects, 13 x 10 x .25 inches. $1600

Pont Mirabeau, 2006
wood, metal plate, acrylic, found objects, 12.25 x 9.75 x 3 inches. $2000PontMirabeau (open)_Sbrodylederman


“Bitin’ The Dust” a novel by Dusty-Off-Sky, 2012
dustbroom, book, acrylic, found objects, 15 x 5 x 2 inches. $675Bitin' The Dust_SBrodyLederman

Hotel Perfect Fit, 2010
acrylic, collage, found objects on wood, 16 x 16 inches, Edition of 1. $950

Hand Book, 2009
Acrylic, oil, wicker, museum board, 8 x 9 x 11 inches. $500


“Hand Book” is a book that is also an object. My desire was to make a sculptural form, suggesting “book,” that plays with both the idea of “hand” and “hand book,” 2 different concepts. I set about contrasting and meshing the textures and colors of the components in order to create sizzling, overall pattern. I find in my artmaking that when I make books, I must play.


Stephanie Brody-Lederman’s artwork is a narrative form of art in that it tells stories in paint utilizing word and image. She has had solo exhibitions at Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton, Edison College, Florida, Anderson Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, and Caroline Corre Gallery in Paris, France, among many other venues. Her work is in many public collections including The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England, Moma, NYC,and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, NYC. Her artwork has been featured on the covers of The Paris Review and L’Oeil Magazines. Brody-Lederman works between studios in Dumbo, Brooklyn, East Hampton, and Paris France. She is represented by OK Harris Gallery in Soho, and will be having her third one person show there in December 2009.

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