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El Muro/ The Wall, with photos by Eduardo Hernández Santos.
Eduardo Hernández Santos made these photographs of the Cuban LGBT community in the summer of 2005 at Havana, Cuba’s seafront wall. 10 photographic foldouts, 5 text pages, printed by duo-tone offset lithography, 10 x 13 x 2 inches. $60

Jaw bones, 1996
Various lower jaws from mammals residing in the North East Woods wrapped in the 19th and 20th century maps, sizes variable, $50 – $300


Steven Daiber is the son of two biologists and a perpetual student of nature. Most of his life, when not in school, was spent on the Delaware seashore collecting specimens and assisting his fathers’ research. He has spent his life collecting, dissecting and drawing the animal and plant life around him.

Daiber’s professional work as an artist originated with training in drawing and painting. He has worked with books for more than fifteen years. Some of his most recent work as a book artist reflects the influence of annual trips to Cuba since 2001.

Observation of his immediate terrain has always informed his art making.

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