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Costumes from the Russian Court, Vol. III, 2016‘
Collage, Folded vintage map paper & photocopy on german etching paper, 8 x 10 inches, Single page stitched Coptic binding. $620.00



Costumes from the Russian Court, Vol III continues with the conceptual narrative of the previous volumes. A whimsical, fantastical catalogue of photocopied line drawings of costume and fashion from the past. Populated with absurd anthropomorphic figures dressed in sumptuous costumes, and punctuated with small origami folded dresses reminiscent of paper dolls. Conveying a sense of cultural drift and vulnerability further emphasised by the use of found paper and vintage maps.


Joanna Kambourian is an Australian based graphic designer, printmaker and multi-dimensional visual artist of New York/Armenian heritage.

Through her individual and shared practice, under the creative pseudonym, Ms Browns Lounge; Kambourian explores, experiences and examines the idea of ‘hybrid hyphenations’ within contemporary cultural and social identity.

Kambourians’ work documents an ongoing journey, a search for identity and belonging from a multicultural perspective that crosses generations and encompasses the diasporic experience. Her work illustrates this complex heritage through a multi disciplinary practice.

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