CENTRAL BOOKING Magazine, in concert with its parent art space CENTRAL BOOKING, aims to mediate the zeitgeist of the book art panorama, as articulated within a broader realm of artistic theory and practice. Each issue contains such features as an interview with a book-minded artist, an artist’s project created specifically for the magazine, insight into a collector’s passions, an advanced tutorial on book-related techniques, a feature highlighting the text from a selected work in the Artist’s Book Gallery and its own graphic serial!



The magazine also functions as a catalog of CENTRAL BOOKING  Haber Space’s quarterly cross-over exhibitions, documenting the work of each participating artist, installation photos and “The Map.” It also contains articles by artists, scientists and artist/scientists in their multi-disciplinary explorations of the intersection of art and science.



The pages of CENTRAL BOOKING Magazine exist as an open invitation to any and all with the desire to view, possess, or generate works, which, by their very existence, defy either-or constructs of art vs. literature and art vs. science, which challenge our most deeply seated notions and broaden the realm of possibility.



Maddy Rosenberg, Executive Editor / Publisher

Stephanie Young, Assistant Editor

John Adam Walker, Designer

Rosaire Appel, Feature Contributor


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February 2015 – November 2015

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