Curator and Artist Diana Wege utilizes The Library at CENTRAL BOOKING

to curate exhibitions of contemporary artists.



 A Partnership With Nature

In my work the trees are symbols. They are also emissaries from nature leading me into a relationship with its forces; its unity, light and beauty.

The paint represents the human part of the relationship as it tries to express what it feels and still retain its own nature as paint and human gesture.

 The shifting focus represents the motion and oblique glimpse we get of nature, but also provides a way to represent the unity of energy, matter and time.

                                                                                             Bonnie Ford Woit

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The title “Translocations” comes from an astronomy dictionary and refers to relative movement from one place top another in relation to a planetary surface. In this case as one moves by these artworks, the color shifts and changes through optical mixture.

Carl Caivano combines various macro- and micro-scaled elements into a single, unified expression. Influences of astronomy, subatomic particles, geographic references, cellular and mineral patterns lead him to a larger awareness of the totality of life. Manipulating meaning through juxtaposing varied references intrigues the artist. A single element can look either magmatic or cellular, depending on where it is positioned within the composition.

Caivano thinks of my work as a marriage of painting and air. By detaching painting from the traditional flat rectangle the work becomes lighter and more buoyant. The pieces extend brush-like gestures away from the wall into the viewer’s space and the artist lights them to suffuse their surroundings with cast shadows and implied movement.







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September 7 – October 2, 2016

The nonprofit organization “We Oppose Violence Everywhere Now” (WOVEN)Presents: REJECT VIOLENCE at CENTRAL BOOKING, an exhibition consisting of five editioned lithographs by D’ L’ CWA and printed by Maurice Sanchez at Derriere L’Etoile. They bear the words REJECT VIOLENCE in graphic stripes and Pop colors that appeal to the eye. Some incorporate the graffiti-esque signatures of organizations associated with WOVEN, their messages of peace translated into multiple languages. The exhibition also includes 16 We Are All The Same Inside mixed media dolls by Timothy Bellavia, and the independent filmmaker Margot Niederland‘s experimental film REJECT VIOLENCE.

The exhibition at CENTRAL BOOKING is just one part of WOVEN’s 2016 Antiviolence campaign. Since 2013, the organization’s campaigns center on providing direct communication to the people on the streets. This year’s messaging also includes Reject Violence prints appearing on phone booths and bus stops throughout the city during the month of September, rounded out by a WOVEN panel discussion and print display at the CUNY Graduate Center on Monday, September 19.

WOVEN is building a coalition to end violence. The organization provides resources, support and platforms to weave together individuals, groups and institutions that work to identify peaceful resolutions to conflict. Our shared goal is to end violence in our lifetime. By promoting nonviolence and supporting others who are working towards peace, WOVEN, A 501(C)(3) nonprofit, will harness the power of compassion and our collective will.




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