Artist and curator Maddy Rosenberg founded CENTRAL BOOKING in 2009 in Brooklyn as a vehicle for her curatorial practice, which she views as an extension of her studio practice. CENTRAL BOOKING is a non-traditional gallery that highlights the breadth of book art while continuing a firm exhibition program exploring the convergence of art and science. We are committed to organizing events that are often involved with the environment and social justice issues.

In 2013, CENTRAL BOOKING moved to the Lower East Side for five years, where we expanded space and found a home for our diverse programming, often partnering with individuals, groups and organizations.

CENTRAL BOOKING in our latest iteration has now broken past the confines of an ongoing permanent exhibition space in search of opportunities for short and longer projects in public spaces around New York, the country, and the world. Collaboration is at the core of our mission and we enjoy working with a wide variety of institutions, large and small, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary. We keep as our base a private `library` space in Brooklyn, by appointment, where we house the close to 1000 artist’s books by more than 100 international book artists that we have here on the website.

CENTRAL BOOKING also has a strong virtual presence, highlighting our represented artists on our website and on our youtube channel. Join our mailing list, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We may soon be coming to your neighborhood.