Title: Alyson Pou: Fedelia’s Malleable Mirror and the Telescopic Eye
Description: The final Episode! One night only!

Admission: $8.00
In our final episode, the long lost pouch and mysterious lenticular glass show up in the collection of a 21st century eccentric recluse who believes he is going blind. It is up to the inventors of the first implantable telescope to give him the super human vision he desires, and finally prove that Alessandra Mazzolini was Galileo’s apprentice and maker of the mysterious lenticular glass.

Fedelia’s Malleable Mirror and the Telescopic Eye is the fourth and final presentation in a series of sequential performances written by Alyson Pou to coincide with the themes of Central Booking’s exhibitions on the topics of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Don’t worry if you missed Parts One, Two, and Three –the event will start with a quick synopsis of previous episodes!

Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2010-12-8