Title: Alyson Pou: Marietta and Le Palais de l’ Optique
Description: Directed by: Jessica Bauman

A Love Story! A Murder Mystery! The Largest Telescope ever built!

It is 1900, a new century, and preparations for the opening of
L’ Exposition Universelle are underway in Paris. Marietta Boyle, still on her quest to prove that Alessandra Mazzolini was Galileo’s apprentice and maker of the mysterious lenticular glass, enters this heady alchemy of science and technology in search of answers only to discover there are other mysteries to be solved.

“Marietta and Le Palais” is the third in a series of four sequential performances written by Alyson Pou to coincide with the themes of Central Booking’s exhibitions on the topics of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Don’t worry if you missed Parts One and Two –the event will start with a quick synopsis of previous episodes!

$8 admission

Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2010-10-20