Anatomical /Microbial /Microcosms

May 13 – July 11, 2010
Thursday, May 13, 6-8pm: Opening Reception
Tuesday, June 22, 7pm: Panel Discussion: All in My Mind
Dr. Joseph LeDoux, Dr.Andre Fenton, Nene Humphrey, Eva Lee, Claire Watkins
Curator: Maddy Rosenberg

Participating Artists: Brian Alves, Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Travis Childers, Barbara Confino, Elena Costelian, Thorsten Dennerline, Mary Hambleton, Nene Humphrey, Eva Lee, Linda Plotkin, Barbara Rosenthal, Paul Tecklenberg, Claire Watkins

From the microscopic origins of humans to the pieces of our anatomy, artists examine the biological “us”. Elena Costelian, in her first New York exhibition, lures us into the complex hidden mysteries of the heart and the elemental heart of lead as Thorsten Dennerline enchants us with his etched bodily journey through a layered sequence. Stephanie Brody-Lederman’s whimsical book object hints at both Cornell and Magritte, not to mention Mr. Potato Head. With Travis Childers the eyes have it as they pattern the surface while populating it. Scans of Barbara Rosenthal’s brain, in one their manifestations, paper the walls, while for Mary Hambleton it is the full body repetition that moves across the surface. Eva Lee brings us along for the journey in her explorations of the inner drama of the inner body as Claire Watkins presents us with her sculptural yet linear interpretation of the functioning neurosystem.

Barbara Confino marches us off to a possibly inevitable not so distant future of genetic warfare. Brian Alves presents us with the word as virus in various mutations as Paul Tecklenberg’s photograms play on our perceptions of life under the microscope by manipulating the mundane imagery of a cork. Linda Plotkin’s biomorphic abstract dance of a microscopic world dazzles us with the electrifying colors of the deep as Nene Humphrey quietly delights us with the subtlety of shape and color. These artists take us on an intricate adventure into our physical makings.

In the further exploration of the confluence of art and science, All in My Mind is an informal talk about the brain and the connections between neuroscience and art. Three artists in the exhibition and two neuroscientists present their work and discuss what is in their minds when they do it. LeDoux promises to perform a few songs he has written about mind and brain.

A catalog of the exhibition is available as part of the second issue of the CENTRAL BOOKING MAGAZINE due out in June.