mineralogy invite

(Animal, Vegetable)…Mineral

April 7 – May 29, 2016

Curator: Maddy Rosenberg

Mineralogy is a scientific discipline that catches the eye. We can all appreciate the multi-colors and forms that are firmly beneath our feet, with space exploration constantly opening up more possibilities and variations. Minerals form our environment.

In this exhibition, the works of twelve artists come together to more than inhabit a space, but to create one – that is soothing and contemplative, as it should be.

Shannon Sullivan molds with elegance in refined sculptural gems, while Dolores Furtado‘s are more reminiscent of earthiness. Robyn Ellenbogen builds mineral-conceived imagery laid down with mineral derived materials.

Miljohn Ruperto may animate the earth as it rebels against the human element, but the forces of nature are captured in paint in all their vibrancy by Blossom Verlinsky. Nina Kuo paints minerals with metallics floating in space. Chris Sancomb captures the feel of crystal formation frozen in a moment as Elaine Whittaker photographs the actual moment of crystallization. Ann Reichlin takes it all indoors with a domestic version of a geode.

Sarah Stengle finds analogies in crystal minerals and chronicling the results of war. With Debra Weisberg, all crystallizes in black and white. For comic relief, John Baber has us looking through a ˮcrystalˮ ball.

We may admire the shine or find fascination with the richness of color or the form but it is more than a visual wonderland we experience, beneath the surface lies clues to all our origins.