Astronomy: The Celestial

March 4 – May 2, 2010

Central Booking opens with the Big Bang in its new space as Astronomy: The Celestial inaugurates Gallery II. In this exhibition, artists explore the universe from a very earthly base as well as a more cosmic one. Ted Victoria’s human industrial detritus amuses us as it hovers continuously above the earth, and Doug Beube brings us back down to earth as he has us “read” all about it. Barbara Houghton in her re-visiting of Galileo evokes an eerie channeling as Karen Hanmer turns the heavens into paper riddles. Mary Hambleton‘s delicate lyrical painted world softens the blow as Ilse Schreiber-Noll brings us to a dark one, built up in layers of paint and scratched through.

Eric Puybaret takes us over the rainbow with child-like wonder and Donna Levinstone calms us with her quiet passing of the day sky into the night one. With John Noestheden we find a brilliant universe dazzling us with the light from the darkness as Eva Lee weaves patterns of light that contrasts with the vastness of the space between. Susan Schwalb presents us with altar-like reverences for the beginning of it all while Carol Prusa delicately silverpoints a black hole and C Bangs combines the reality of it with the possible. Pamela Moore reduces all to pure form as Despo Magoni takes the personal and abstracts it into the universal universe.