Press Release

November 20, 2014 ̶ January 18, 2015

Art & Science panel – The Psychology of Art and the Art of Psychology
Moderator: Melissa Stern
Thursday, January 8, 6:30pm

New York, NY ̶ Psyched opens in HaberSpace, CENTRAL BOOKING’s gallery for art & science exhibitions, with a reception on November 20th. Curated by CENTRAL BOOKING Founder Maddy Rosenberg, Psyched delves into the scientific backing of the artist’s quiet rebellion within.

We measure, we prod, we try and quantify. From early psychological testing to contemporary categorization, while the science of the mind clarifies as it complicates, we search for the chemicals of our behavior. Psychological games are intrinsic to testing. Now we see it, now we don’t, how we see it, why we see it this way or that. Interpretations, quantifications that can follow us for life- that is, until the science turns it all on its head, so to speak. Martha Hayden sees color in her painter’s way, defying her testers’ expectations, and challenges us to do the same. Julia Cocuzza draws us into a psychological experiment that tests not just our mind but our humanity. Helga Eilts & Jule Rump and Helmut Gutbrod may all be German yet they play with Memory in their own individual ways. Samm Cohen compartmentalizes dysfunction without a history. Gay Leonhardt relates the documented psychic state of a clam as it ages along with its memory.

Julia Hechtman may animate the Rorschach as test strips, but Donna Ruff explores the concept of the artist’s duality imbedded within it. Eunkang Koh deals with the mental state of the artist’s burden. The artist psyche does seem to fascinate the experts and Jane Zweibel sits us firmly in the psychiatrist’s chair. Stephanie Brody-Lederman has us conquer our fears (or amplify them) while Joseph A. W. Quintela coolly finds analytical methodology and dissection through psychology. Melissa Potter asks us our identity when “sex” becomes “gender,” how do we navigate?

The blind for Joyce Ellen Weinstein is more than metaphorically beyond the physically challenged. Anne Gilman may touch us to the core with emotions revealed and disguised, but Melissa Stern attempts to deal with the child within. As Freud was one to understand our need for humor, Alan Rosner posits that sometimes a cigar is actually one, with all its Freudian implications. John Schneider displays his Freudian timeline with a more serious comic effect while the cartoons of Barbara Rosenthal poke us with the awful truth.

The mysteries manage to remain some place in that murky place between brain and mind in a delicate balance of science and art.

In conjunction with the Haber Space exhibitions, we present the panel discussion The Psychology of Art and the Art of Psychology on January 8th, moderated by artist and arts writer Melissa Stern The catalog of Psyched is part of November’s issue of CENTRAL BOOKING Magazine and is available at: https://centralbookingnyc.com/magazine/november-2014/