Highlights of IRIDESCENCE

November 9, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – November 19, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

An exhibition of art holograms

Presented by the Hologram Foundation (Paris) with the Center for the Holographic Arts (New York)

Six artists selected through an international competition to produce new holograms.

Michael Bleyenberg, Patrick Boyd, Lana Briscella, Pascal Gauchet, Setsuko Ishii, Fred Unterseher

Art holograms are rare, in part due to the skills and technology involved in each piece.

The artist selected include Setsuko Ishii from Japan who is known for her architectural and outdoor installations which bring nature through windows in composed landscapes of dynamic light. Her new hologram, Fragment of Nature, with its layers of discovery is exhibited together with an earlier installation of grass like holographic panels. 

An assemblage of shimmering memories by Pascal Gauchet holds glimpses that fragment and combine in a sculpture of hologram tiles Random Memories. This piece combines his earlier arrangements of holographic images that suggest the connection of unseen space with his images of the French countryside that appear to be photographs until the viewers movement reveals an animation of changing light.

In the Morris Dancers series of holograms by Patrick Boyd the viewer becomes the photographer, moving in-front of the hologram to play the animate scene. Imagery shows the quirky British tradition of The hand held camera-phone recordings bring vernacular photography into an endless loop of captured dance and the motion of the viewer.

Pioneer of art holography Fred Unterseher revisited masters [holographic equivalent of negatives] from the 80s to create Kinetic Figures four unique holograms with multiple recordings and undulating light. The holographic images have a futurist mapping of motion, that is played out in a dynamic mixing of color.

Artists and thinkers who changed the understanding of light are the abstracted subjects of the Renaissance:re digital holographic portraits by Michael Bleyenberg. The images are formed by pixels of pure light. Having created large scale public works in Europe Bleyenberg’s pieces are designed to illuminate space.

The Celestial Ballerina series of digital holograms is created by Brooklyn based Lana Briscella. In her three dimensional prints movement becomes a sculpture. The scenes were captured captured using 3D scanning in collaboration with principal ballerina Diana Vishneva, and other dancers. This spatialization of motion is combine with environments developed through generative computer graphics.

Surprised by how few art collectors owned holograms Hugues Souparis established the Hologram Foundation to help artists overcome production costs and make artworks available to buyers. 

The Center for the Holographic Arts, supports artists through production residencies,  project development and exhibitions. The HoloCenter is an innovative art center that inspires with creativity and technology.