Haarige Verwirrungen (Hairy Hurly-Burly)
Drawings machine sewn on patterns for curtains, patterns glued on white paperboard with an item number for a pattern printed on the back, cover with sewn title, inside lined with a colored floral pattern, 7 x 9 inches, Unique. $490
Haarige Verwirrungen Carola Willbrand 2Haarige Verwirrungen Carola Willbrand 1 


PilgerinnenBrustBeutel zu PilgerinnenCodex– Zeit ist nur eine Angewohnheit
(Bag for a Pilgrim for Pilgrim Codex– Time is only a Habit), 2007
Reprint of a unique copy, Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop, covered in a lined bag sewn out of plastic table cloth from the 70’s, 7 x 9.5 inches, Edition of 10. $83
PilgrimCodex 1 Carola Willbrand 


met sjans meer mans (a flirt makes you sunshiny, 2013-2014
Photobook, leporello, color photos are sewn on textile in transparent plastic sheets, cover sewn out of awning cloth, 8.5 x 11.5 inches, Edition of 20. $250
met sjans meer mans 1 Carola Willbrand
met sjans meer mans 3 Carola Willbrand 



Carola Willbrand draws with a sewing machine, sometimes arranging the drawings in a book. Thread is a symbol for mythology; canvas and cloth create an image of the world.

The parallelism of textile techniques, tissue and webbing are an image for life, cerebration, and thinking.

The ripping thread (the red thread) is an image for non-linear thinking. The ripping thread is an image of interuption and restart.

Thread holds the world together.

Carola Willbrand combines early industrial techniques, sewing with a sewing machine, analogue photography, and punch cards as an early carrier of digital information. The analogue action of black-and-white photographs shows her remembrance; the image, the face becomes visible. The image appears out of the developer bath. But sometimes she uses digital colored photos.


Carola Willbrand was born in 1952 in Cologne, Germany. She lives and works in Cologne and Amsterdam, NL

Since 1981 her projects, exhibitions, performances, and artist books use materials of daily life: wallpaper, carpet, worn clothes. Carola Willbrand’s artist’s books have been shown in several group exhibitions and solo exhibitions.

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