Where to Find Money, 2011
A set of 52 hand made hard-cover books of pigment prints, 5.25 x 5.5 (variable), edition of 4  Volumes are arranged in 4 cases vols 1-12, 13-28, 29-38, 39-52, Single case: $475   Complete set: $1600


Hand made hardcover book of pigment prints, handmade case, 10.75 x 8.5 x 1.13 inches, edition of 4. $400


The Most Liked / The Least Liked Faces on Display in Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina, 2020
Handmade clothbound, jacketed, hardcover book of pigment prints, two volumes printed back to back, 6.75 x 7.5 x .5 inches, edition of 8. $500

Saki’s Studio by BURST387, 2017

A 4.75 x 56.325 inch long collaged photographic panorama of artist Saki Kashimoto’s studio and hands, in Brooklyn NY.  Pigment print on archival paper with printed Japanese paper backing, folded into a hard-cover accordion book and presented in a cloth bound, felt-lined case. Book size 5.25 x 5.75 inches, edition of 7. $750



Nice Balls by BURST387, 2017

A collection of archival pigment prints of balls from around New York and around the world, 36 pages, hand-bound with cloth cover and dust jacket. Size  – 6.125 x 6.5 x 0.0.6125, Edition of 10.  $125



Everyone is Watching You by BURST387, 2017

25 pigment prints of faces seen on the streets Japan in 2015, presented as an accordion book in cardboard covers. Each book presents a portion of an evolving sequence of images. 25 Images were chosen by the artist, then using a random procedure, one male and one female face were replaced by other randomly selected faces from a pool of several hundred images. The sequence was arbitrarily ended after 24 books were produced. Each book is unique and numbered as to its place in the sequence. 2.75 x 2.35 inches, Each book is a unique permutation from the series of 25.  $99


Faces of Dumbo by BURST387,  2013.

A 12 volume set of hand bound pigment prints. Each volume contains 21 photographs of faces seen on the walls, windows, lampposts and trash heaps of DUMBO, Brooklyn during one month.  Over the course of a year, some images remain and age, while others bloom for just a short time, to be replaced by newer fresher faces. Size:  Cloth covered case: 7 x 5.25 x 5.5 Inches. with 12 hard-covered, hand-bound, dust-jacketed volumes, Edition of 4. $650




BURST387 was born in 2002 and since then has been making digital images that aim to capture the flavor of Brooklyn and New York at the lowest possible price. Previous work has included the artist’s book “Green Things in Greenpoint” 2002; “16 Feminine Products found on the Beach in Staten Island”, 2003; “Free Money in New York”, 2004-5, a year long performance and photographic project; BWAY WORD SLAW, 2006; BWAY WORD SLAW, 2008; X-BERG WORD SLAW, 2009; WALL WORD PATH 2010; and soon DMBO WORD SLAW, 2011.

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