Don Quichotte (s), 2016
Ink jet print, original text by René Pons, 12.5 x 3.5 inches, edition of 10. $700



174517, 2019
Ink jet print, a tribute to Primo Levi, 5.9 x 6.6 inches, edition of 10. $300


Orcha, 2009
Watercolor on Indian notebook, 5.7 x 9 inches, unique. $510





An alte kasche, 2007
Four linocuts, translated by Ingrid Ernst from an old yiddish song, 8.2 x 6 inches, Edition of 10, $400



Irène is a painter and printmaker who studied under Gregory Masurovsky at the American Center in Paris. The unique design of each book of their limited edition publications is meant to explore and enhance the dialogue between Irene’s artwork (paintings, intaglio or linocut prints) and the texts to which it relates. Depending on the project, the books are produced with digital printing or more traditional methods – for instance, the latest, Le Cantique des cantiques (‘The Song of Songs’), is handset in foundry type ‘Marcellin’ and currently being printed by Imprimerie Nationale.

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