Live From the Leavings, 2019
Book with box includes:Yogurt container, inner soul rappers, soda bottle bits, Christmas light base, label bits, tar gel etchings, vintage lithostone reprint, oil slick marbling, unique, 8 x 10 x 6 inches.  $1700


Good to the Last Drop, 2019
Book with box includes:Lettuce containers tar gel etching acrylic wire ceramic innersoul rapper plastic labels vintage lithographic reprints, oil slick marbling, unique,  8 x 10 x 6 inches. $1100


, 2019
Book with box, Redcap glass bit wire plastic labels reprints from vintage lithographic stones, unique, 8 x 8 x 4 inches. $950


The Plot Grew Organically and Had Many Twists Turns and Complications, 2013
Plastic bottles and and lettuce containers, tar gel print, acrylic, epoxy, gel pen (in custom box), 8 x 6 x 4 inches, unique. $850

Carnivorous Book, 2011
Lexan, epoxy, Tar gel etching, acrylic, 5 x 6 x 4 inches, unique. $600


My work is derived from printmaking methods; mixed media with or without support, and prints stretched over forms using a technique I developed. My work is about the manipulation of form that transforms the idea; a recreation of multilayered process found in nature. A degree in biology informs my work. Some recent work is a scientific pursuit of aesthetic sensibilities. The process controls the work, each layer a response to the results of the last experiment. But the underlying imagery for me is about other worlds, and the portals between; worlds under the microscope or among the stars, drains, conduits and black holes. There are the skins, translucent membranes on which the universe resides and puckers…

My art extends the process of human manipulation of natural influences and substances that become decoration. It concerns contemplation of the ways we affect the plants and animals around us, and, sometimes how we may be affected by them. The excessive, compulsive process I use in my work evokes a quality of human over manipulation. My message is not overt. My intent is not to preach but instead create work that will engender thought about the relationship between humans and their surroundings.


Margaret Craig received a degree in Biology Secondary Education, a BS in Art and an MA in Painting from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She later received an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Texas at San Antonio . She invented Tar GelPressless Etching and has demonstrated that and other techniques at SCG and MAPC conferences. She is often involved in trade portfolios and exhibits locally and nationally; recently in the China Sanbao International Printmaking Exhibition and Symposium and the SGCI traveling members print exhibition. Currently she is Chair of Painting, Drawing and Printmaking at the Southwest School of Art and Craft in San Antonio, TX. Her original Biology degree has been a major influence in the visual and ecological context of her work, and her shop promotes a less toxic approach to printmaking.

Margaret Craig Website