Visual poetry bookwork/wall book, deckle edge paper with ring binding. Marks of gouache and ink, use of stencil and color pencil. Reminiscent of sky, sea and landscape these visual poetry vistas are named STREAM, CREEK, LISTEN-HEAR, PUDDLING, PROCRASTINATE, and WATER, each working alone and together, 32 x 12.25 inches, Unique. $1800

6 WATER VOICES, a cover, Marilyn R. Rosenberg 6 WATER VOICES, b stream, Marilyn R. Rosenberg 6 WATER VOICES, c listen-hear, Marilyn R. Rosenberg



Même, 1987, Collaborator David Cole
Green wooden box, 10 x 13 x 2.5 inches. After the title page, there is a ‘menu’ which acts as a Table of Contents. Colored glass circles and squares are part of the content next to a small hand made box holding loose alphabet pages. Accordion photo copier books and pages, some with hand coloring,  found objects and transfer letters,  wire sculpture, dice, and beads, and a candy wrapper are here too. Edition of 5, plus master. $ 900

même ed. jpg


THINGAMAJIGS, 1988, Collaborator David Cole.
The piece consists of dozens of strips of paper heavily laden with bright colors, shapes, words, and letters. One mounted for the wall, and others each in their hand made box cover, Kodak color printed and mounted on archival board, paginated unbound pages. 13.25 x 3.12 x 1 inches, Edition of 4 plus master. $700


MO 250, 2006
With a plastic ring binding, a visual response to Mozart’s music heard and responded to during his 250 birthday on January 27.  There are torn black pages, and cut white pages  12.5 x 13.75 x .5 inches, $600


Misty predawn/just into dark, Summer, 2014
Acid free textured heavy paper, acrylic lacquered, three brass hinges on painted wood frames, with clasp, flat: 19 inches x 12 inches, open: 12 x 19 x 10. Graphite, wood, acrylic and ink shapes, negative alphabet areas traced from removed sections of stencils. $1110
Misty predawn-just into dark, summer A, inside, MRR
Misty predawn-just into dark, summer, MRR  



Interacting within themselves and with the viewer/reader – content, vehicle, form, medium, and word, within a concept, pull together merging the themes and the means. As phantoms reappear, fears and imagined fabulous possibilities, connected to the future, continue.


Marilyn R. Rosenberg, 1934 -, Philadelphia, PA, USA . From 1953 on studies in painting, graphics, sculpture, gender, history, literature, religious studies, life drawing, advertising art, advertising publication, book and printing production (older style), and book arts and more in a variety of schools. 1978, a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Studio Arts, State U of NY. 1993, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, New York U, NY, NY.

From 1977 works are visual poems/drawings, artists’ books, mail art, small press/chap books, unique sculptural bookworks, artists’ stamps (artiststamps), photos, computer and drawing board collages and more, in editions and one of a kind pieces. A few are with collaborators. Images of bookworks and visual poem pages images, bios, and interviews are in reviews, exhibition catalogs, and reference publications, published on the web and in print.

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