Dual Horizons, 2012
Pigmented handmade paper, letterpress, accordion fold artist’s book with handmade portfolio, verse written by the artists, 8.25 x 10.75 x .2 inches closed, 8.25 x 66 inches open, edition of 20. $400


The horizons that inspired Dual Horizons by Meda and Veda Rives are of a very personal nature. Literally, they recall the views of the horizons that nurtured us while growing up on our family farm. Metaphorically, they are reminders of the constant in a changing world. The cycle of the day in relationship to the horizons is traced in the imagery of the pigmented handmade paper, which may be viewed on the recto and verso consecutively or simultaneously when the book is backlit. The original verse is hand set in Bernhard Tango and hand printed. The accordion structure allows for variable display and mimics the ins and outs, the coming and goings, of the sun in relationship to the horizons and in our lives.


Veda M. Rives and Meda R. Rives are artists and identical twin sisters who established Mirror Image Press as their studio where they pursue interests in Printmaking, Handmade Paper, Artists’ Books, and BookEnvirons. They create artworks both independently and collaboratively which have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Recent highlights include: Best of Show at the national, Liturgical and Sacred Art exhibition in Springfield, Illinois; Honorable Mention at the international Amateras Annual Paper Art show in Sofia, Bulgaria; and solo exhibitions in Boston, Massachusetts; Quincy, Illinois; and Memphis, Tennessee. Veda is Associate Director of Normal Editions Workshop, the print research facility, in the School of Art at Illinois State University, in Normal, Illinois. Meda is a member of the art faculty at Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois. Collections include Penang State Art Gallery, Malaysia; the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts; Hanji Theme Park, Wonju, South Korea; and Sakima Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan.

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