Nadezhda Taffy, LIFE AND COLLAR, 2016
Textile, paper, Barmen lace, artist’s book, hand drawn, 3.94 x 6.3 inches, edition of 2. $990

LIFE AND COLLAR_a_Michael Bensman
LIFE AND COLLAR_Michael Bensman_2  


Hotel ABC, 2013
Silver, paper, 3.23 x 3.3, edition of 5. $485


Replik (Replica), 2013
Paper, cardboard, paint, 10.3 x 8.5, edition of 25. $215


This book’s modeling replies to cardboard architecture and the design of the so-called Soviet production art of the 1920s. Reagent glasses in cardboard box, containing different noodle ABC letters. 9 x 13.8 x 3.3 inches, edition of 4. $1400



Personal record #1 or NOT AMUSING PICTURES, 2003
Cardboard portfolio with object prints, made in style of Russian ‘LUBOK’ – the art of folk market pictures, A minimized text and deliberate crude imprints characterize this type of art, 23.6 x 15.7 x .3 inches, edition of 10. $990


Personal record #3, Fisherman and the Fish, 2007
Cardboard portfolio with object prints, made in style of Russian ‘LUBOK’ – the art of folk market pictures, Comparing a mention of the Fish in the Torah and the New Testament, 23.6 x 15.7 x .3 inches, edition of 12. $990



Since the beginning of the 80’s, I have worked in the direction of recycling art. I’m interested in the history of thrown away objects which have been touched by thousands of hands and thereby have a special touch of energy. These objects appear in my books as a collage; forming a second text, a parallel level of information, and once again finding new life. These unique specimens have a conscious likeness to the ancient palimpsest. My credo is to “Search for God in a person” in concealed signs in both pictures and drawings. Another direction in my works is stimulated from the primitive expressiveness of the ‘Lubok’ representation. This genre strongly influenced Russian graphic design in the 1920’s. The same graphic method, with integrated pop elements, is to be seen in my witty Macaroni series. Crafted from different kinds of noodles, noodle letters and lasagne sheets these books can be classed as culinary, as well as fairy tales or even as historical books.


1957 born in Moscow
1979 – 1985 Architecture High School, Moscow
1982 Practical training in the Bauhaus in Weimar
1995 I moved to Germany
1995 – 1999 Camphills – seminar of anthroposophy Medical pedagogic and Social-therapy and Art at Lake Constance
1998 Practical courses in “Cooperation” (Artstudio), Luxembourg
2003 Freelance bookmaker (Art books)

Since 1999 I have worked on various art projects in Berlin and participated in numerous exhibitions and presentations in International ART Festivals. In my work I am particularly focussed in the graphic arts, especially art books.

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