Out of the Nothing That Is. 2009
Handmade silk box containing 8 prints and a poem by Tom Sleigh, printed at the Experimental Print Institute, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. using mulitiple print methods: planographic, serigraphy with added collaged elements, from an edition of 10. $1500


For many years I have used the human body to explore themes of strength and vulnerability Recently I have moved further from the external human form to the internal, exploring the visual and emotional connection between images and the deep cellular workings of the human brain.

As an artist-in-residence at Joseph LeDoux’s neuroscience laboratory at New York University I have observed and recorded dense images of the amygdala, the part of the brain where fear and anxiety reside, and from those images drawn through high-powered microscopes, created a series of layered drawings, prints and sculptures.

These reflect new ways of seeing parts of the brain invisible to all but a handful of scientists who are searching to find patterns among seemingly random collections of neurological communication.

Out of The Nothing That Is incorporates information from a wide variety of sources such the lab drawings, patterns from the craft of Victorian mourning braiding, images from nature which echo neurological information, and a poem embedded in the prints by Tom Sleigh.


Born in Portage Wisconsin.

Have lived and worked in New York since 1978.

Exhibited widely in both national and international venues.

Awards include: National Endowment for the Art, Anonymous was a Woman, Asia Cultural Council Fellowship, Brown Foundation Fellowship,Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Smithsonian Artist Fellowship.

Am currently an Artist in Residence at Joseph LeDoux’s neuroscience lab at New York University and working on a collaborative project titled Circling the Center with Julie DeLano, a performer and installation artist and Roberto Lange, a sound composer.

The title for this work is embossed on the top of a silk covered box holding a set of 8 prints. The prints are made from a combination of planographic methods, serigraphy and hand collaged elements.

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