Under the Microscope, 2009
Six prints, C-Type hand printed color negatives, 10 x 10 inches, edition of 10. $600  






Paul Tecklenberg makes photographic images without camera, film or photographic negative. He ‘paints’ with light onto photographic paper using domestic objects as stencils to create haunting images that reveal what is beneath the surface and hidden from the naked eye.

He has developed this technique over the last 15 years using a variety of objects such as Christmas trees, chandeliers, radiators, wedding dresses, maps, broken glasses, sugar sweets, wallpaper and ‘Yakult’ milk bottles. For his most recent solo show Bodies & Anti-Bodies, he used the contents of the bathroom cabinet and kitchen cupboard to make art that resembled microscopic images, x-rays and scans.


Paul Tecklenberg studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and his tutors were Stuart Brisley, Tim Head, John Hilliard and Bruce McLean and in 2008 he was elected a life member of the London Group that was established in 1913. Paul has exhibited with England & Co since 2002 where he has been included in such shows as The Map Is Not The Territory I, II, III, Sartorial and After A Fashion. He also exhibits in Europe and New York.

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