Petit dejeuner, 2005
Etching, a la poupee, chine colle, 7.1 x 5.3 inches, Edition of 50. $340

Pianista, 2005
Etching, a la poupee, chine colle, 7.1 x 5.3 inches, Edition of 50. $340


My first studies were in design and illustration and this has influenced all my further work. Together with my artistic vision I have developed a creative process expressed in all my projects, my etchings, drawings and paintings. I proceed in various ways according to the work I wish to present. When I begin a graphic design project I must communicate a certain message. On the contrary, when I start an etching, a drawing or a painting I prefer to let my intuition work.

I find it difficult to explain the reason I work some of my art projects but perhaps the strongest one is the profound pleasure I experience during the process of discovering things. Even though sometimes this brings tension and stress.

I love creating with my hands and I put the same energy into all types of art without making distinction between crafts and design, drawing or printing. Above all I find deep satisfaction in good, new discoveries and working hard at all aspects of my work.

I work on very different themes. These give me space to tell various situations and stories of life. I have the possibility to express emotions; shyness, delight, misfortune; through forms and lines, color and light. I draw my ideas and the lives of people, animals and actions taking place in different spaces inside paintings, prints or drawings. I enjoy profoundly the process of doing my work.


Paula Barragán was born in Quito, Ecuador, in 1963. BFA in design and illustration, Pratt Institute, New York, 1986.
Her main work has developed in the area of art : painting, printing and drawing , carrying out numerous individual and group shows in her native Ecuador, US, New Zealand, Spain and other countries. She has presented three invidual shows in Multiple Impressions Gallery in NYC and a printmaking exhibition in Davidson Gallery in Seattle. Her work can be found in the museum of the Central Bank of Ecuador, as well as in private collections in Ecuador, US, Italy and Great Britain. Since 1986 she manages her own workshop in Quito, where she designs rugs, logos, posters and illustrations.

Paula Barragán has obtained the following awards:
First prize, National Biennial for Posters, Quito, 1994
First prize, Ciudad de Quito, Salon de arte, 1994, printmaking category
First prize, National Design Biennial, Quito, 2002, book category
First prize, National Design Biennial, Quito,2004, llustration category
She has illustrated four children´s books published in the US by Lee & Low a nd August House, obtaining the Nappa Gold award for Spicy Hot Colors, the Best of the Best List, Chicago public Library for Love to Mama and for Poems to Dream Together and in 2006 the ALA Notable Children´s Award for Poems to Dream Together.

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