Built Upon,
Oil and marker in found book, unique,  9 x 6 x .18 inches. $750



Moon in July, 2013
Oil and marker on paper, unique, 8.25 x 5.5 x .12 inches $750



Look Book, 2008
Oil, marker on paper in found book, unique, 10.75 x 7.75 x .5 inches. $900


Flip Flap Book, 2006
Oil and marker on paper, unique, 9.25 x 6 x .12 inches $750



The Georgia Book
oil paint on found book, 12 x 20 x variable inches. $1100

Onore, 2010
Oil Paint, markers, collage in found book reconfigured into unique artist’s book, 13.5 x 19 inches (open), $900

Open Cloud, 2010
Oil Paint, markers, collage in found book reconfigured into unique artist’s book, 9 x 1 inches (open), $750


I am a painter. I paint paintings and make sculpture and re-create. old unwanted books through the use of painting and drawing and imagining.

Book as object and art allows me to enhance what already exists. I’m both playful and serious when using serendipity and precision in cutting, manipulating, collaging and painting. All the books are unique, and usually graffitied, foxed, water damaged, or otherwise unwanted. This combines my love of language with visual and sensual art. Often the old paper, the smell, and the description of knowledge and poetry inspire what I paint; inversely what I paint may evoke more writing from me – clear, barely legible or asemic.

The book is given new life. Previous words and images peek through or are covered with layers of paint, sometimes the narrative story is overlaid with more narrative. Each original page is inclusive to what I am painting. It folds or opens or lies flat; containing a time past below the surface of the present story I put upon it – each embellishment places history upon history. The changing nature of the paper and print underneath the paint is part of the character of each book.

Using paint in book form allows painting to be endless and sculptural, is the book a painting or is the painting a book? Each page is only one aspect of the painting, a mark or brushstroke. The open book – sometimes even the open and turnaroundable book – creates an open undefinable “book”.


Robin Ross was educated at the University of Colorado and New York University. She formed her personal sense of color and immediacy as a child, influenced by Degas, Braque and Brueghel reproductions. At eighteen she went into a brief coma, an experience adding an aspect of deep spirituality to her life and work.

Ross has had solo exhibitions in New York City at L.I.C.K. Ltd., Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, KeyspanEnergy, The Independence Community Foundation and Belanthi Gallery; Beside Myself Gallery in Vermont, and Evoltus Gallery in Florida. Group exhibitions in New York City include Art in General, P.S. 1 Museum, Marymount Manhattan College, St. Joseph’s College, Longwood Center for the Arts, and Tabla Rasa Gallery.

Her paintings have been reproduced in publications including Art in General Manual 1992-1993, The New York Daily News, And Then, Flying Into the Sun, and Zeek Magazine. Ross has appeared on Live at Five as a featured artist on NBC’s “Local Focus”, in the independent film by David Varga about her project “Animal Postures”, and in “Robin Ross: A Look at Hands” directed by filmmaker Leybe Diaz.

Her work is present in many private, corporate and public collections, including Pfizer Inc., the International Monetary Fund, Corporate Office Properties Trust, the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel, Kentler International Drawing Space, Ohm Acoustics Inc., and the Barbara and Bill Richardson Pavilion. She authored “Open Doors”, a book of artist interviews, which is in the library collections at the Guggenheim, Museum of Modern Art and Rutgers University, among others.

Ross is the recipient of 2 Sage Brush Fund awards, an Independence Community Foundation endowment, the Adolph and Ester Gottlieb Foundation Emergency Grant, and a residency co-sponsored by the American and Spanish Embassies and Adesjo Fundacion in Ocoa, DR.

Robin Ross website