Jewelry Poetics: Springlike Evaluations, 2014
recycled words, glass beads, metallic findings, foam 10.5 x 7.5 x.5″,
(Necklace and Earrings-Evaluations of Liver Functions) $350.00
Springlike Evaluations

Jewelry Poetics: Expanding On, 2014
recycled words, glass and metallic beads, metallic findings, cardboard, foam, 10.5 x 8.5 x 1 inches , (2 earrings, 1 necklace-Kiertez on Kertez) $425.00
Jewelry Poetics

Jewelry Poetics: Untitled Bloom, 2014
recycled words, glass beads, metal beads, acetate, enamel paint, metal findings, foam, 11 x 9 x 1 inches (4 earrings-untitled black book (outside) silver inside) $395.00
Untitled Bloom

Jewelry Poetics: Collecting Lures, 2014
recycled words, glass beads, enamel paint, metal findings, cardboard, foam, 10 x 8 x1 inches (hanging earrings-Collecting decanters) $350.00
Collecting Lures

Jewelry Poetics: Present Trust, 2014
Recycled words, acetate, metal findings, foam, enamel paint, 8.5 x 5.5.x .5 inches (1 earring-The Present) $95.00
Present Trust

Jewelry Poetics: The More The Sense, 2014
Recycled words, garnets, glass beads, metal findings, clay beads, cardboard, foam, 8×5.5 x1 inches (3 earrings-The sense of ending) $275.00
The More The Sense


This set of wearable art jewelry is meticulously hand crafted from recycled junk mail affixed to an assortment of jewelry parts and pieces. To recycle is to see the beauty in things normally dubbed refuse, and to be innovative enough to give it new life. In this case, I use the symbolic potential inherent to all writing, as a base for which to elevate unsolicited advertisements into poetic form and modern art. Each set is presented together in a book cover, ripped of its inner substance and filled with new life. As an artist and jeweler, I use the appearance of text in jewelry to express a vision and capture it in distinctive and unique word art.


Samm Cohen, born in New York, began making passionate artwork before she could write. Samm spent years practicing and learning the craft of art making, from painting to photography, poems to sculptures, digital to hand-crafted assorted media, and more. She studied metalsmithing and jewelry making in college, and afterwards worked in the Diamond District for some time, learning different techniques and skills. With carefully thought out rhythms, she applies a plethora of thoughts and feelings to a variety of mixed media, choosing what works best for what she is trying to show. The raw and honest quality of the work demonstrates devotion to her art. Samm has shown in over 30 various art exhibitions both solo and group, and has published/interviewed in a number of different journals.

Samm Cohen Website

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