Phosphorescent Face Highlighter, 2010
Documents the transformational experience, by bringing together the wisdom of Adolf Loos, The Landmark Forum, Weight Watchers, Le Courbusier, Alcoholics Anonymous, Oil of Olay and Dale Carnegie. Phosphorescent Face Highlighter will help you lose weight, realize your potential, quit drinking, heal your relationships, design new contexts, hide those tiny lines and wrinkles, build the city of the future, and move beyond the tired aesthetics of the past. Letterpress and relief printing on paper, cloth bound in boards, 6 x 9 inches (closed). edition of 45. $500


My work revolves around the borrowed authority of printed language. I often use that tone of authority to explore the comforts and limitations of community: what kinds of things bind people together, and why it is difficult to hold that in place. I build texts by moving back and forth between collecting language and editing/rewriting. I am fascinated by the interior monologue and the interior lapses in time that reading creates.

I believe bodily movement is the foundation of language, that the experiences of touch and grip give language its directive power. I produce works which depend both on the accumulation of experience and the repetition of motion. I am interested in the ways that the process of making relates to discipline and physical endurance. Repetitive, meticulous labor is a form of training, and can serve as a way to both hold onto and to subvert uncomfortable emotions.


Sarah Nicholls is a visual artist who makes pictures with language, books with pictures, prints with type, and animations with words. She works with found language and metal type, has written a collection of self-help aphorisms, and recently began publishing a series of free informational pamphlets. Her work is in the collections of Stanford University, Oberlin College, and the University of Pennsylvania. She had managed the studio programs at the Center for Book Arts in New York for the past nine years.

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