Game Theory A guide, 2008
Artist Book, letterpress, etching, drypoint, whiteground, softground, accordion folded, case bound, 6 x 6 x 3, from an edition of 35. $1100

The Color of Regret, 2003
Artist Book, etching, watercolor, accordion folded, case bound, 6 x 6 inches, from an edition of 35. $800

Bird Nest, 2009
Linocut on paper, 41 x 29 inches, artist proof. $400

Hand, 2009
Linocut on paper, 22 x 15, artist proof. $150

Tree Root, 2009
Linocut on paper, 23 x 30, artist proof. $150


On hot, sticky, oppressive nights surrounded by concrete and steel, I feel the air weigh heavy on my bicycle ride from my studio. Then, I notice a change; the limp air takes life. I breathe. The air holds inspiration. My senses awaken. A wall of cool air at the edge of Central Park welcomes me back. I exhale and feel the tree branches reaching out to become part of me. My fingers divide and my lungs become a watery reflection of roots sunk deep in soil. Veins, vessels and bronchi become branches of line drawings on my sketch paper. The flesh, blood, bark, sap and leaves of this oasis talk to my paper.

The air we breathe and the shade we seek are gifts from these silent partners. Aided by an etching press, black and white prints, and a nearly graphic line, I want to portray this symbiotic relationship.

The best ideas for the work I create I think of while commuting on my bicycle ride from home, work and studio. I grew up in Colorado; prairie dogs, ferrets, snakes and coyotes inhabited the fields where I had once played. As an adult, I watched my familiar surroundings turned into strip malls, parking lots and housing tracts. I want my artwork to address the environmental changes I have witnessed in my own lifetime.


I attended SUNY College at Purchase where I studied printmaking and book arts. Upon graduation I worked as a monitor for Robert Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop. I later set up a printmaking studio called Plotzing Press in Brooklyn.

I have had a chance to show my work in several galleries in New York City and in other countries. My work is in the collections of The Library of Congress, Yale University, The New School and The Museum School in Boston.

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