The Robot Book, 2011
24 digitally printed photographs, 7 digitally printed drawings, sheet metal, salvaged wood, electronics, 12 X 14.5 X 2.5 inches, edition of 11.  (Special Shipping, please email CENTRAL BOOKING)


When I began this project three years ago, I didn’t know I was making a book. The plan was to create a series of staged photographs addressing a set of themes that interested me, among them our culture’s obsession with hard work and our less-than-harmonious relationship with the natural world. Composed in narrative form, in the manner of a medieval tapestry or altarpiece, the pictures would tell the story of a solitary robot’s last days in a post-apocalyptic place. But when I completed the images in late 2010, the project felt unfinished. The story seemed to need one last narrative twist. The answer, I came to realize, was a book. A book that was itself an artifact from the world I’d created in the pictures. A combination of organic, manufactured and mechanical components, it would be the sort of thing the robot himself might have made. The result is a mixed media mash-up that’s part sculpture, part graphic novel, part photo book and part gadget—an inscrutable relic long lost in an apocryphal future.


A magazine editor and writer for many years, Thomas Jackson is largely self-taught as a photographer. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter and two goldfish, Marty and Marty.

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