Sutra for the Sea, 2016 
incised marks by powder post beetles, encaustic, bamboo, cotton tape, 12 x 18.5 inches. $1200

sutraforthesea_rellenbogen (1) 


Thin Red Line, 2016 Thread, assorted metalpoint on terraskin paper, 12 x 14 inches, $750



Progressions, 2016
printed paper thread, cotton tape bamboo. $1000



Spirit Walk, 2016
assorted silk and linen thread, 22 inches. $1200



A bamboo forest borders my studio and over the years the proximity of these grasses has inspired an ongoing series of artist books. The quality of bamboo is expressive, motion and wind inherent attributes of their presence. Bamboo slip books were the earliest form of book making in China and Japan prior to the invention of paper. Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” was written on bamboo slips. My books reflect the multi media that I work with, animation, textiles and metalpoint drawings. The books incorporate my affinity for asemic language and drawing via ink, metalpoint and thread. The books are often collaborations with the inscribed marks of powder post beetles, enhancing their language with encaustic. I work with a microscope attached to my computer and this offers me the ongoing capacity to investigate unseen worlds that co inhabit our universe and reflect the macrocosm.


Robyn Ellenbogen is a visual artist and Zen Buddhist practitioner. She earned her M.F.A from Hunter College. While attending S.V.A. Robyn worked as a printmaking assistant to Louise Bourgeois. Her work is widely exhibited throughout the New York Metropolitan area and is included in private and public collections. She recently participated in a residency at the MDI lab in Maine, exploring the universe of C.elegans via fluorescent microscope. Robyn is an artist in residence for Artworks, The Naomi Cohain Foundation at hospitals throughout New Jersey. Her work with chronically ill children and young adults has deepened her understanding of the spiritual and sensory benefits and the importance of people making art together.

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