“Project of reconstruction of the universe“, 2017

Cover – linen cloth with original drawn image. Second and third pages are prints, mounted on a linen cloth. The patterns on the 2nd and 3rd pages are formed from the constructivistic slogans Pictures or drawings of the russian constructivists and italian futurists (Stepanowa, Lebedev, Depero, Kralli etc.) converted to the fabric patterns. Those patterns are printed with sublimation technology on white fabric sheets. The fabric sheets alternate with brown paper prints. On the prints the original texts of futurists (in italian language) and constructivists (in russian) are designed in a form of collage, corresponding with previous fabric sheet. In addition – a small booklet with translation of all the texts in english and german, 15.2 x 19 x 0.8 inches, edition of 5. $ 2500
Project of reconstruction of the universe ivanovaProject of reconstruction of the universe ivanova a

Studies in Color, 2010
Paper, board, synthetic paper, comb binding, digital print and paper-cut, 6.7 x 11.4 inches, edition of 3. $410

Soneto a tus visceras, 2010
Original drawings, pencil and inks, text: excerpts from a poem of Baldomero Moreno,
argentinian poet (1886 – 1950), 8.3 x 11 inches, unique. $600

Artifact (Hand), 2010
Digital print, leporello, text – GOOGLE translator, images based on photoshop anomalies, 4 x 5.7 inches, edition of 25. $70

Artifact (Wave), 2010
Digital print, leporello, text – GOOGLE translator, images based on photoshop anomalies, 4 x 5.7 inches, edition of 25. $70

Urban stories, 2009
Two-color silk-screen prints from original drawing of the artist, 8.5 x 10.2 inches,
edition of 10. $420


I always loved pictures, types and books. Artist’s book gives an opportunity of combining them together in one media. My first books contained no text. I tried to develop a dialogue using certain visual code, like the first signs, that later became letters. This idea still engages me, the exampel is my book “Urban Kryprograms”, describing modern urban life with symbols, inspired by ancient hieroglyphs and modern pictograms. The other implementation is an “Artifact”-series, where objects appear as a results of alteration in text and visual data during its digital processing, and the sense of a message turns to the opposite while translating it automatically from one language to another. Meanwhile I also make books containing topics – the excerpts from my favorite poets and writers, and sometimes from myself.

The construction and the choice of medium are secondary, following my intention. I use copy-art, silk-screen and digital print, sometimes draw the book with ink and pencil (“Soneto a tus visceras”), or use “ready-mades”.


Tamara Ivanova was born in Tbilissi, former USSR, and at the age of 16 moved to Moscow and graduated from the Moscow Institute of Graphic arts. Since 1993 she has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany. From the early 90-s she has been active as an artist and graphik-designer, in 1995 she began creating artist-books. Tamara Ivanova has had exhibitions in Germany, France, Austria, Russia, England and Switzerland. Her works are in public and private collections in Berlin, London, Moscow, Paris and Cologne, including The Berlin State Library, The TATE modern library, The Collection of Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and The Moscow Museum of Modern arts.

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