Title: BOOK LAUNCH: TWO new artist’s books by Heidi Neilson, “Fake Snow Collection” and “Orbital Debris Simulator”
Description: Join Heidi Neilson at CENTRAL BOOKING – and learn all about fake snow and orbital debris! For those who haven’t already discovered the wit and playfulness in the work of this artist, this is your opportunity. “Fake Snow Collection” includes annotated images of 40 fake snow specimens, 17 topical readings accompanied by 28 diorama images with different types of fake snow, and 24 samples. “Orbital Debris Simulator,” viewable with red-blue 3D glasses, describes the phenomena of ‘space junk’ in the earth’s orbit. Images of space toys—spaceships and action figures from various science fiction ‘universes’ as well as replicas of actual spacecraft—are used as stand-ins for the orbital debris itself.

Heidi Neilson works in drawing, printmaking and book arts with an occasional public project—all with conceptual inclinations. She recently co-founded an artist-run weather station on a studio building rooftop and presented her Queens neighborhood as a gigantic sundial, with a lone skyscraper as the shadow-casting spire. She has participated in residencies at the Visual Studies Workshop, the Lower East Side Printshop, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Kala Art Institute and Women’s Studio Workshop, and has exhibited widely, including at the Queens Museum of Art, the International Center for Prints New York, Exit Art, The Drawing Center and, of course, at CENTRAL BOOKING. Originally from Oregon, Heidi received a BA in biology from Reed College and an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute, and lives and works in New York.
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2011-02-17