Title: Cristina Favretto, “Connecting: Using Artists’ Books as Teaching Tools Across Disciplines”
Description: Cristina Favretto has a fondness for artists’ books of all stripes, sizes, levels of complexity, format, hue, odor, and daunting-ness. She would love to collect them all, and if she were ever democratically elected Queen of Artists’ Books, she would. However, each institution has a particular bent and she will discuss dealing within these constraints in the collections she has helped to build. She will also delve into her experiences using artists’ books and zines as teaching tools in a University Special Collections setting. Favretto has used a wide variety of artists’ books to engage students in instructional sessions on topics that vary from the obvious (history of the book, printing history) to more obscure subjects (mapmaking, women’s diaries, architectural history, archival theory). The books are always, of course, great favorites, and manage to attract the attention of even the most jaded listener. She will be touching on in her discussion, as well, several collaborative projects with faculty members at San Diego State, UCLA, and at her current job at the University of Miami that involve having students create “spin offs” of rare books or manuscript items from the Special Collections stacks.
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2011-05-5