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Gracefield Arts Centre

Dumfries, Scotland, UK


Saturday, May 18 to Saturday, June 29, 2024
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 18, 2 to 4 pm


Though based in New York City, CENTRAL BOOKING is an international artist-run gallery specializing in the book as art, art and science projects and collaborations with cultural institutions. CENTRAL BOOKING focuses on the breadth and depth of the book works of the more than 30 plus of our distinguished artists who live, work and are from New York. The historical structure of the Gracefield Arts Centre provides the ideal venue to showcase the more traditional idea of the artist’s book as a hand held object, along with the expansion of it through sculptural installations: works that utilize the walls, floors, ceilings, and even staircases. Materials to explore include paper, but go well beyond an image on a flat surface; many of these artists approach the book as the sculptural object it is, therefore incorporating metal, stone and digital elements into their work. In appreciation of the Scottish contribution of sandstone to the essence of architectural New York, some of the artists draw their inspiration from the subject, others deal with ecology and the waters that surround us, still others those of social and political issues, as do some draw you in with texture, color and subtle cuts. With the exhibition, we intend to highlight the full scope of what book art is in the contemporary world through the eyes of New York artists.


Curator: Maddy Rosenberg


Participating New York Artists:

Golnar Adili

Desirée Alvarez 

Rosaire Appel

Nancy Azara

C Bangs

Susan Bee

Don Burmeister

Maureen Cummins

Donna Maria de Creeft

Deborah Adams Doering & Glenn N. Doering/DoeProjekts

Evelyn Eller

Anne Gilman

Janet Goldner

Susan Happersett

Kumi Korf

Warren Lehrer

Despo Magoni

Max Marek

James Martin

JoAnne McFarland

Agnes Murray

Florence Neal

Marianne R. Petit

Maddy Rosenberg

Marilyn R. Rosenberg

Alan M. Rosner

Susan Rostow

Miriam Schaer

Ilse Schreiber-Noll

Buzz Spector

Mary Ting

April Vollmer

Ellen Wiener

Dasha Ziborova


Guest Scottish Artists:

Hugh Bryden

Linda Mallett