The Jackleg Testament, Part I: Jack and Eve, 2003-06
Portfolio containing 40 woodcut prints and DVD, 1 7/8” x 27 3/16” x 20 3/4” ,
Number 15 from an Edition of 35, $12,000

The Jackleg Testament, part one: Jack & Eve is a personal take on the story of Adam and Eve, in which Adam is replaced by a Jack in the Box (named Jack). Jack and Eve go off to the big city and form a Vaudeville Act. Chaos ensues. Thought to be the only motion picture constructed from woodcuts, it won “Best Animation” at the 2007 Santa Fe Film Festival and has been the subject of screenings and exhibitions in the US, Russia, Chile, England, and the Czech Republic. The score is also by Jay and sung by, among others, England’s preeminent lyric tenor, Nigel Robson.

Jay Bolotin was born in Fayette County, Kentucky and attended the Rhode Island School of Design, then apprenticed with sculptor Robert Lamb. He is known for works that cross multiple disciplines. Bolotin’s visual work is represented in collections including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego; Seattle Art Museum ; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art; Australian National Museum in Canberra; Georgia Museum of Art. Bolotin is a prolific songwriter, performer and now, filmmaker. He has composed for opera (Limbus: a mechanical opera, for which Bolotin wrote the score and created the set, was produced in 2001 at the Opera Theater of Pittsburgh), dance productions, films and documentary television programs. His songs have been recorded by Porter Wagoner, Dickey Betts and David Allen Coe among others. Bolotin continues work on the second of a planned trilogy of motion pictures, which will feature the voice of one of his favorite actors, Michael York.

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Maddy Rosenberg
Executive Director/Curator