Miriam Schaer is a multimedia book artist. She uses garments-girdles, bustiers, brassieres, aprons, childrens clothes-as her means of containment. Inside these stiffened, shaped, embellished enclosures, she conceals books and other objects that document her explorations of feminine, social, and spiritual issues. Since 1993, she has exhibited steadily and extensively in solo and group exhibitions, and her work has been mentioned in a long list of articles and reviews.

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bury us in the garden
Bury us in the Garden, 2005.
Xerox transfer with Hand embroidery on doll dress. Text from Little Ida’s Flowers, Hans Christian Anderson. From the series The Poisoner’s Kiss (entire quote: Bury us out in the garden, where the canary lies; then we shall wake up again in summer, and be far more beautiful.)