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Animations, 2004-2009
Animations, six films on a DVD, total time about 30 min, boxed with a booklet, numbered and signed. Number 1 from an edition of 5. $50

Kugelschlaf (Bowlsleep), 5’30 min, music: Dominik Eggermann, 2009

Im Garten (In the Garden), 3’10 min., music: Peter C. Brand, 2006

Die lange Zeit vor dem Spiegel (In Front of the Mirror), 3’10 min., music: Peter C. Brand, 2004

Prophetenalarm (Prophetalarm), 6’20 min, music: Peter C. Brand, 2008

Das Stiefelgeschenk (The Bootgift), 3‘10 min, music: Till Wyler, 2004
Schachnummer (Chessnumber), 4’50 min, music: Dietmar Roth, 2007

Paste Thing, 2001
Artist’s book, 14 sides, 6-colored pictures, Thread connection, 6 x 6 x .15 inches,
Number 5 from an Edition of 200. $17


Born 1973 Allgäu / Germany,

Since 2006, Lydia Most has lived and worked in Berlin.

In 1996 she studied to be a Churchpainter in Munich. In 2002 she continued her studies at the School of Fine Arts, Berne. From 2007 to 2009 she studied at the School of fine Arts, Leipzig.

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