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Deborah Adams Doering and Glenn N. Doering are founders and lead artists in the socially-engaged art collaborative DOEprojekts. Deborah and Glenn emphasize both experiences and artifacts as they invite individuals and groups to participate and interact with artifacts (art objects) and experiences (workshops/public events) related to cultural Keywords (e.g., “Nature, Quarantine”) and our “Coreforms” (Zero, One, Hyphen, Tilde, Period).

A central question/goal of DOEprojekts’ practice is, can “opposites” be negated or minimized in social acts of culture and art — for the common good? DOEprojekts interrogates the “us” and “them” mentality — in other words, through the exploration of keywords such as “Nature” and “Quarantine,” might “the other” be seen as “us”?

In addition to Keywords, DOEprojekts introduces systematic universal forms–“Coreforms”–to participants/viewers. DOEprojekts views the “zero” and “one” as potentially the same form, seen from different perspectives.

Deborah Adams Doering (MFA, School of the Art Institute, Chicago) is an artist/educator with 30+ years of experience. Glenn N. Doering’s (MS, Loyola University, Chicago) artistic background includes exhibition work, both as curator and artist, in Finestra Art Space, an alternative art space in Chicago. Together, they founded DOEprojekts in 2010.

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (NYC), the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, the Puffin Foundation,, United States Artists Fund, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE Chicago), the Illinois Arts Council, and Chicago Artists’ Assistance Program (CAAP) grants have supported their individual work and/or the work of DOEprojekts.

DOEprojekts has been invited to several artist residencies in the US and abroad, including Sheen Center for Thought and Culture (NYC), CATWALK in Catskill, NY, RAGDALE/Lake Forest, IL, and PAR/Public Art Residency in Kassel/Berlin.

The Doerings have taught art and design to a wide range of students, children through seniors, at a number of educational institutions, including the American Academy of Art, and Harlem Educational Activities Fund. Deborah was an invited guest speaker at the Foundations of Art: Theory and Education (FATE) conference in 2017. Glenn directed a 40-person design staff for an international scientific equipment company for many years while dedicating his time and energy to creating experiences and artifacts as part of DOEprojekts.

Glenn and Deborah, partners for over 25 years, were Returning Scholars at the University of Chicago, Department of Art and Art History, 2014 – 2016. Their work is part of the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago and other US and international collections.

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