Gerhild Ebel

Since the end of the 1980s, conceptual art works have been created in the border areas of language, art and science: installations, artist’s books, graphics, paper cutouts, objects, embossments, works on canvas and experimental literature. I’m interested in the untraditional experiment, the unity of contradictions, the parody of seemingly established facts.

My books usually develop organically, almost necessarily out of my conceptual works between language and art. Series of art works often first realized as an installation, are combined as a logical sequence in a book. The often unusual techniques (such using a cutter by hand) require small editions.

My work as an editor focuses on the development of unique concepts, too. While in the artist magazine “miniature obscure” the cover in the form of an object changes its shape according to the theme, the edition “quartett” is based on the conceptual idea of the series. In the artist’s encyclopedia “art_lex”, original graphic works were created in alphabetical order around a theme.

1965 born in Halle, Germany

Study of plant pathology, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle, Diploma 1990
Work as scientist in the Institute for Plant Protection Halle 1990–91

Concept works between art, literature and science since 1988
(artist books, objects, graphics, installations, cutouts, performances, experimental literature)

Editor of original-grafic artist magazine »miniature obscure« 1991–2007 with C. Ahnert
Editor of original-grafic artist magazine »quartett. experimental literature and art« since 2008
Editor of original-grafic encyclopaedia »art_lex« since 2015

50 book publications and 30 editions in various publishing houses
Publications in various international magazines for literature and art since 1988
Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad since 1989

Awards and scholarships (selection):
1993 scholarship by Stiftung Kulturfonds Berlin; 1994 scholarship by Land Sachsen-Anhalt;
1996 scholarship by Stiftung Kulturfonds Berlin; 1997 scholarship by Senat für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur Berlin; 1997 scholarship by Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen ifa; 1998 scholarship by Stiftung Kulturfonds Berlin; 1999 scholarship by Land Sachsen-Anhalt; 2000 Art Award »Anhaltischer Kunstpreis«; 2000 scholarship by Stiftung Kulturfond Berlin;
2001 Art Award »V. O. Stomps-Preis« in collaboration with C. Ahnert; 2001 Art Award »Marianne-Brandt-Preis« rec.; 2001 scholarship in Amsterdam; 2002 scholarship by Kulturfonds Berlin; 2005 scholarship by Land Sachsen-Anhalt; 2006 scholarship by Kunststiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt; 2008 scholarship by Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co.KG; 2011 Art Award »Kunstpreis der ABoT« rec. Wien; 2019 Art Award »Grafik des Jahres« Neue Deutsche Grafikgemeinschaft; 2020 Art Award Hallescher Kunstpreis

Artworks in more than 50 international museums and collections,
e.g. Museum of Modern Art, New York / USA; Centre Georges-Pompidou. Paris / F; Victoria & Albert Museum, London / GB; Tate Gallery, London / GB; Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / DE

Freelance artist, author, publisher in Halle and Berlin

Gerhild Ebel Website

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