Linn Annen

I am dealing with different forms of expressions on the border between fashion and art. The basic idea of my work is to wear art on the body. I create so-called ”wearable objects” composed of different materials, colors and shapes. A combination of new and used materials, parts of garments, and fabrics is part of my style. “Word-robes“ are clothes, which become an area for the projection of my thoughts. I like to turn the inside out and to use the fashion surface as a medium for personal text fragments and aphorisms. A special way of handwriting done with sewing machine is characteristic feature of my work.

Hello strange is a composition of used and new material. It is part of a collection called the world is my castle, where thoughts about the strange and to be abroad are topic: Hello stranger, Hello loneliness in the crowd Hello passing throng– How often we see one another. And you come along there and reach out your hand to me. I cannot see so far, Yet I remain present.

Shouldercape is a piece to wear over your coat or pullover when you feel cold. While you are on your way to work or waiting at the bus stop you can look closely at the text and can think about what you are missing in the world you are living in.

I was born 1976 in Hamburg Germany. When I left school I went to London, taking part in a foundation course at camberwell college of art. Back in Hamburg, I started my studies in costume design at University of Applied Science. I continued my studies in stage and costume design at the Academy of Fine Art Dresden. Since 2005, I have lived and worked as an artist and fashion designer in Berlin. I took part in several group exhibitions in art associations, art festivals, off spaces and fairs. Apart from Artfashion I did the costume design for a dance theatre piece called Meine Mischpuche at Sophiensaele Berlin in 2008. My latest works were shown at Spot Galery Berlin and Frappant art association, Hamburg in a group exhibition. Since 2011 I have been a member of a fashion network NEMONA based in Berlin Neukölln. For September 2012, I received a grant for HIAP art residency Helsinki in cooperation with Goethe Institute. I have been invited to work with elderly people to express their needs and wishes with regards to clothing and design by the world Capital of design, Helsinki.

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