Margaret Craig

My art is a contemplation of the ways we affect the plants and animals around us, and how we may be affected by them. I approach this both from a biology background as well as from artistic printmaking methodologies. My intent is to create work that will engender thought about the relationship between humans and their surroundings. Underlying imagery for me is about other worlds, and the portals between; worlds under the microscope or among the stars, drains, conduits and black holes.

My recent interpretation involves plastic, which I repurpose and evolve into creatures which might one day populate the congregation of trash in the ocean gyres. This is not without precedent. The bacteria, ideonella sakainsis, eats plastic. This thinking about plastic has led me to think about what humans in the past have left behind. What has been the environmental result? These are messages about human history and the future and human expansion to the cosmos.

Margaret Craig received a degree in Biology Secondary Education, a BS in Art and an MA in Painting from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She received an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Texas at San Antonio. An innovator in printmaking techniques, she invented Tar Gel Pressless Etching and has demonstrated that and other techniques at national conferences. She is often involved in trade portfolios and exhibits locally, nationally and internationally She has completed the Blue Star Berlin Residency program. She is Professor Emeritus of Printmaking and Paper at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, TX. Her original Biology degree has been a major influence in the visual and ecological context of her work. She has one husband, one bird, four cats and one spastic puppy.

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