Marilyn R. Rosenberg

I am living by a moving stream as I continue working on visual and asemic poetry. In my work, I note abstracted events, coded situations, and condensed memories of special dates, people, and places. I mark days alive in dramatic changing times that result in actual unique or editions of pages, artists’ books, artists’ stamps, and bookworks. Sometimes I work in collaborations.

My visual poetry mandates that part words become images as the images functions like words. My asemic poetry is like improvised jazz scat singing. It is another form of visual poetry that can be read in all directions. It has marks like merging forms of broken calligraphy, early glyphs, or an unfamiliar language. Dark marks next to bright, bold color combinations are made with inks and gouache, with collage added, in blank already made books or my hand-bound books. As my visual language is disregarding the norm as I create narratives Meaning is open to individual interpretation, as the viewer-reader finishes the message. Sometimes full pages are scanned into my computer, are altered, to become virtual collage. Content, vehicle, form, medium, and concept unify, working as one. My works are often published in print and on the web.

Marilyn R. Rosenberg’s works are included in very many group virtual and live exhibitions, internationally, and in the US, yearly. One is 2023-2024, VISUAL POETRY: NEW VISTAS – VISUAL POETRY + COLOR., INVITATIONAL, The Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY., with catalog. Travel is to The Ontological Museum Albuque, New Mexico, to be part of their collection.

Decades of works by MRR have been published in print and online since the middle 1970s, and one in 2022 is by Otoliths, Australia. Many works can be seen on the Otoliths site. Levi Sherman has written a 2019 review of a MRR published book by Post-Asemic Press An interview by Nance Van Winckel MRR has a few USA and international publishers One recent artists’ book, DOUBLE, is published by Luna Bisonte Prods.

Over a hundred places including local libraries, university collage libraries and museums collections around the world, collect MRR’s works. Just a few are Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, in New York city; Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney Australia; The Banff Centre, Fleck Library and Archives, Alberta Canada; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris France; Electrografia Museo Internacional, University of Castilla – La Mancha, Cuenca, Spain; Harvard University Libraries, Cambridge, MA; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Watson Library, New York, NY; The Ohio State University Libraries, Rare Books, AVANT Writing Collection Columbus OH who has the growing MRRosenberg Collection; and many many more places, including private collections.

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