Marilyn R. Rosenberg

I am a she/her living in Cortlandt Manor, New York, by a moving stream. As I continue working on visual and asemic poetry and prose, they result in actual marks/ images/drawings. Nights are long, but sleep is marked. Daytime, is noted, and is sometimes bright. Yet another decade passes. Marks and color are made with inks, gouache and collage, in blank purchased or my hand bound books. Sometimes pages/images are scanned into the IMac computer, to be changed and merge, to become virtual visual and asemic poems and virtual collage. Many works are published in print and/or on the web.Their subjects are often abstracted events, situations, and abstracted memories. Sometimes special dates or places are noted. Works are sometimes about dead friends and/or dedicated to long gone family. Artists’ bookworks, artists’ stamps, and bookmarks are the result, marking days alive, marking time.

MRR has a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, from the Graduate School of Arts and Science, of New York University, New York, NY, and a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Studio Arts, from Empire State College, State University of NY.

Levi Sherman has written a 2019 review of a MRR published book by Post-Asemic Press

See many MRR works in printed and /or virtual books by Otolith here.

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