Suzanne Reese Horvitz

I try to evoke the mind of a dreamer to explore my memories and interests then invite the viewer into my dream. I tease the viewers interest with symbols and codes of beauty and hope they will come along with me. Stories of the extraordinary fascinate me, including hybrid creatures of folklore, sirens, mermaids, and arthropods. I use myths such as: The Sirens’ story as a metaphor for the Allure of Beauty and its dangers. My love of words and the narrative in art, often leads me to design my work as book pieces, and to use my art to create my personal visual journal. Through my art, I examine myself, my relationship with the things that excite me, and create a record of my life’s journey.

“Water is our planet’s life blood, rivers its blood vessels.” Our Earth is experiencing a crisis of global warming, shortages of water in some places and floods in other. We humans understand how everything on earth is connected, as in the theory of Gaia. Often, however, we have a conflict of interest between what benefits us personally and what benefits us communally. I use the world of arthropods as a metaphor because of their innate ability to cooperate. Insects have learned to form a system of interacting elements. Many share a common goal: the survival of the colony. To solve the world’s problems, our first step must be to learn that the community comes before our individual needs.

Suzanne Horvitz was born and lives in Philadelphia, PA, and has her studio in the NJ Pinelands. She holds a BFA and MA from University of the Arts, and a Doctorate in Fine Arts from Columbia University, NYC. With her partner, Robert Roesch she has served as Cultural Advisor to The US Embassies in Azerbaijan, Egypt, Syria, Argentina, Ecuador, and Myanmar. Her art is represented in the permanent collections of many leading museums including the Museum of Modern Art, Paris. She has been in 15 solo exhibitions internationally. Horvitz has received over 20 grants including three Fulbright Specialist Awards. In 2019 Horvitz and her partner Robert Roesch, represented USA in the 13th Cairo Biennale. They exhibited in and curated the US pavilion of the 2009 Baku Biennial and the 2009 Artist Book Biennale in Alexandria Egypt.

Her artist books are in many international collections including Kyoto Institute of Technology Museum, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Museum, Egypt, Szent Istvan Kiraly Muzeum, Hungary, Paper Museum, Tokyo, François Côté, Libraire a Bibliopolis, Canada, National Museum of Women in the Arts, DC, Yale University, CT, Awagami Museum Japan, Smithsonian Library, DC, Sackner Collection, FL Curtis Sloane Art Library, NC. Horvitz and Roesch have collaborated on sculptural installations and 2 person exhibitions in Holland, Germany, Denmark, Myanmar, China, Japan, France, Syria, Egypt and throughout the United States.

Current and recent Exhibitions include: “Borderless” , Noyes Museum of Art, January-May 2021, “The Grand Tour Exhibition: Schau Fenster Gallery, April-May 2021, Berlin and “Crisis Gaia” Project, opening November 2021 at the National Autonomous University, Mexico City.

Suzanne Reese Horvitz’s Website

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