Accounting in Blue, 2022

Accounting in Blue, 2022


Accounting in Blue was inspired by a beautiful antique ledger from 1856. Its pale blue paper was precisely the hue that Stengle’s favorite philosopher Kierkegaard used in his notebooks and journals. Both Kierkegaards journal and the ledger contained a masterful cursive script in sepia ink and evoked a similar esthetic.

Kierkegaard’s notebooks, have inspired other worked by Stengle even though she cannot read Danish, the feel of the script, and the nature of the physical objects have influenced previous editions and drawings. Accounting in blue has an updated medieval binding on raised packed cords with an exposed spine. The binding method used for a sturdy structure that is laced into wood boards. This method provides the strength needed to support the significant bulk of the 936-page text block. The artist enjoys carrying traditional binding techniques forward into her contemporary book art.

The blue paper visibly harmonizes with the zebra wood and linen cord to create a compact book object focused on the materials used. Blue is a color often used to describe emotions or space, feeling blue, into the blue, etc. The title Accounting in Blue refers directly from the ledger paper used and also alludes to the tension between reason and emotion.


Artist book, antique blue ledger paper with script from 1856-8, Zerkall laid paper, zebra wood cover with exposed packed linen cords.
6.75 x 4. x 3.7 inches

936 pages


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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in
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